The Recueil Estate

The Recueil Estate

The Recueil estate at Villeneuve d’Ascq  regroups individual houses covered with tin-plated steel Uginox Patina. 

The Recueil estate at Villeneuve d’Ascq  regroups individual houses, from 3 to 5 bedrooms, ranging from 88 to 144 m², with garages and private gardens. These houses feature contemporary bioclimatic architecture and enjoy a privileged location near the metro railway and the major highways.

The materials used include wood-effect metal siding or Trespa panels, decorated with vertical windows, exterior joinery made from exotic wood types and roof-coverage from tin-plated steel. They contribute to making the “Recueil” estate an avant-garde and pioneering programme.

Thanks to wide openings, generously sized sliding glass-doors, the houses benefit from optimal brightness.

The choice of a metal roof-covering was a logical one based on the architectural design of the building.

Tin-plated steel was chosen:

  • It’s easy to work with
  • It has a low dilation coefficient which permits the use of 20m long bands without the risk of the sections deforming, thus maintaining a neat and stable architecture
  • The colour of its patina allows a perfect harmonisation with the colours of the rest of the building.

Technical Files

Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France
Gérad Zeller
©Gérard Zeller


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