The sustainability of our products is heavily dependent on how they are used. For example, a building’s exposure and its surrounding environment all have an impact on stainless steel. To ensure our customers get the most out of their product, our business engineers regularly advise owners, contractors and installation companies.


Providing freedom of form and flexibility in appearance, a stainless steel roof blends into all types of environments and is well-suited to all styles of architecture – both new and renovation projects. Long-lasting, easy to maintain and recyclable, it is also the sustainable material of choice. Our stainless steels can be used with a variety of construction systems, and our experts are available to help you find the right solution for your project.

Roofing in mountainous regions

In mountainous regions, projects must consider such factors as the range of surface temperatures, localised or distributed snow loads, erosion caused by snow and ice movement, and the risk of siphoning. Our stainless steels are ideally suited for these extreme climate conditions. Key characteristics include:

  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock
  • No embrittlement in very cold weather
  • Superb mechanical strength
  • Capable of withstanding heavy loads of snow

Collection and disposal of rain water

Accessories are the ideal complement to a stainless steel roof. Take rainwater collection, for example. Stainless steel enables the manufacturing of gutters and downpipes in welded sections or in continuous lengths of up to 20 m (according to the width). This reduces the number of soldered joints needed, thus enhancing the rainwater collection system’s integrity. Stainless steel in thicknesses of 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm is easy to work – even in cold weather – and can be easily soldered in situ using tin solders. Depending on component length, stainless steel can be folded in the workshop or on site using special tooling. Uginox Patina and Uginox Top surface finishes are traditionally used for roofing accessories.

Preservation of Monuments

Roof coverings are an essential part of the exterior appearance of a monument or protected building. When refurbishing the metal roofing in accordance with the regulations for such buildings and structures, the replacement material’s optical aging ability is a prerequisite for preserving the historical-aesthetic appearance. Materials like Uginox Patina with a tinned surface not only preserves this historic-aesthetic appearance, they do so in the form of a contemporary, environmentally-friendly and long-lasting material. 


Our range of available thicknesses for each type of surface finish makes stainless steel the ideal choice for roofing and cladding.

The advantages of stainless steel

  • Lighter envelope, thanks to high mechanical properties that permit a reduction of thickness.
  • Compatible with all types of support: metal, all types of wood, etc.
  • Possibility of using with construction systems that require specific thermal properties and/or acoustics.
  • More cost-effective than traditional products and techniques.
  • All types of claddings are possible, both new and refurbished. In refurbishment, the stainless steel envelope transforms and modernises the building while respecting thermal regulations and omitting thermal bridges.


Interior Décor

With stainless steel, the possibilities are endless. The only limitation is the imagination of the user.

  • Interior décor: elevators, metal furniture, store fixtures, decorative stands, bars, bank counters, entrances, collective kitchen furniture, etc.
  • Urban furniture, signs, monuments, etc.
  • Industrial screen printing, signs, corporate logos, etc.


Thanks to its impressive range of thicknesses and surface finishes, stainless steel brings an unmatchable level of creative freedom to architectural design. It also ensures durability – even for outdoor projects. 

Swimming pools

Our range of stainless steels cover all requirements relating to swimming pool applications: from the pool itself (including pool edges, overflow gutters, partitions, etc.) to the ladders, diving boards and starting platforms – even the water distribution system. These applications typically use our austenitic (304, 316L) grades. However, for applications used in harsh environments (i.e., thermal spas), we recommend choosing a grade that offers even higher properties, like our duplex stainless steels (DX2205, DX2304).

Vehicle and pedestrian bridges

Stainless steel can be found in all or any part of vehicle and pedestrian bridges. For example, stainless steel is often used in a bridge’s handrails and banisters, in the wires on suspension bridges, and in cables and tie rods. It is also a popular material for the deck and for anchor elements, including those built in marine and polluted atmospheres. For these types of applications, we recommend the austenitic (304, 316L) or duplex (DX2205, DX2304) grades.

Want advice? Have a question?
Need help choosing the right stainless steel for your project?

Please call us at +1908 988 0625

Whether you are an architect, roofer, designer, construction company, prime contractor, or distributor, our team of experts can help you with your projects.

Want advice? Have a question?
Need help choosing the right stainless steel for your project?

Please call us at +1908 988 0625

Whether you are an architect, roofer, designer, construction company, prime contractor, or distributor, our team of experts can help you with your projects.


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