Church Roof Replacement Using Terne-coated Stainless Steel

The theft of lead from the roofs of churches and other historic buildings is on the rise. Because preventative measures have proven ineffective, there is an increasing need for an alternative roofing material that offers the same qualities as lead but with little salvage value. Here, stainless steel has emerged as the material of choice. In fact, Historic England, the public body that helps people care for, enjoy, and celebrate the country’s historic environment, recommends terne-coated stainless steel (TCSS) as an alternative roof covering.

According to a new Guidance Note published by the organisation, “stainless steel is potentially the most durable roofing metal with its high ductility and tensile strength, making it more resistant to stresses associated with thermal movement and consequent fatigue problems.” It also cites such advantages as:

  • Lack of reverse side corrosion
  • Significantly lighter than lead
  • The cost of a stainless steel roof is similar to lead
  • At the end of its life, stainless steel can be melted down and reused
  • It has very low scrap value per square metre and is difficult to remove from a roof

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