Starnberg District Administration

The roof of the Starnberg District Administration building has been successfully renovated.

The Starnberg District Administration building was built between May 1985 and July 1987. Due to its modern, open structure, it has a reputation for facilitating open communication with the district’s citizens, earning it the nickname “House of Citizens”.

As more and more departments and tasks were allocated to the Administration, staffing needs grew. In fact, in 2014 alone, the District Administration added 375 new staff members – an increase of  39%. To accommodate this significant growth, external office space was rented. Entire departments, such as the Youth Welfare Office, have been housed in portable containers for several years now. 

For this reason, the building’s original architects, Auer + Weber from Munich, were commissioned to design a much needed extension. Not only did the extension need to be able to accommodate at least 120 employees, it also had to harmoniously blend in with the existing building.

Secure roof construction

One of the key elements of achieving this cohesiveness was the addition of a stainless steel roof. After almost 30 years, the original roof was obsolete. Following detailed examination and consultation, it was decided that the new roof should utilise Aperam’s Uginox Patina K41 stainless steel (material number 1.4509). The 0.5 mm thick, electrolytically tinned stainless steel features a breathable separating layer on 24 mm planking and 670 mm cutting width. The tin, electrolytically applied to the stainless steel base material, transforms into a homogeneous matt grey surface, giving it its desired patina – an aesthetic that in no way affects corrosion resistance. 

A ventilated roof, also known as a cold roof, was chosen for construction. This is the most technically sound solution when using a metal covering. It allows any collected moisture to be safely discharged to the outside at any time via the rear ventilation level. Furthermore, during the warmer summer months, rear ventilation also improves the thermal insulation of the rooms inside.

The individual roof panels were put together using roofing technology with sealing procedures from Poschinger GmbH from Thyrnau. The stainless material was supplied by Aperam distributor Südmetall Otto Leonhard GmbH, located in Munich.

The District Administration doesn’t just shine because of its stainless steel roof

Under its new, cohesive, flat roof umbrella, the District Administration building graceful opens up to the surrounding landscape. Although not located directly on the banks of Lake Starnberg, water reaches the building via artificial canals and basins. These natural elements of earth, water and air are reflected in the building’s materials, its design and in its colours. These characteristics also place the building within the tradition of European modernism, with a hint of the eastern architectural  classics of ancient Japan.

The continuation of the cantilevered roof shade with metal covering helps protect the facade from the elements, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements. In fact, to this day, the facade has not had to undergo any renovation work.  

In summary: For the existing construction of the District Administration in Starnberg, as well as for the recently planned extension, the key is the use of excellent planners, excellent craftsmen and excellent materials.

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