“Le Dôme” Amphiteatre

“Le Dôme” Amphiteatre

The «Bâtiment des Arts» has been built on the grounds of the Multidisciplinary University of Artois, in Arras.

An original urban construction programme whereby the overall building concept meshes with the existing surroundings, and gives rise to a complex with strong identity.
The building was built in the east campus, from the roundabout. Through its symbolic and prestigious character, the Bâtiment des Arts punctuates the entry to the university grounds.
The sphere, a symbolic form, provides the venue with a strong identity and visual presence. A single volumetric expression in which all the interior space is visible and clearly functional. This affords a canny and intriguing architectural space that is devoid of all aggressiveness. A veritable rotective «cocoon», the dome houses an amphitheatre. The simplicity of the spaces is dictated by a choice of typical regional construction materials. This is homogeneous to all the buildings of the university campus. The majority of the volumes is clad in brick-work while large bands of  glass seem to suspend the arched roofs over the classrooms.

The “sphere”, a unique external icon, disturbs this expression by its shape and brilliant stainless steel Uginox Bright covering in a shade of 304 (1.4301). This material makes the building appear as a living entity, reflecting the surroundings, changing colours and patterns over the days and seasons. It’s inner world breaks its image on campus and is expressed by a warm and welcoming wooden treatment. The building is near a major road, starting from the roundabout and leading to the centre of the university.

The entry to the campus is marked by a vast square, and via the visual transparency of its central hall displays and affirms its connection to the city behind it and shows a symbolic continuity.

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Arras, France
Pierre Rousse
©Pierre Rousse


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