Collection and dispersal of rain water

Stainless steel advantages: 

> Stainless is particularly ideal for rainwater collection : it does not leach bi products likely to change the composition of rainwater.

> Ease of working.

> Good soldering with tin.

> Gutters have good mechanical strength ideal for resisting the weight of snowfall.




Roofing accessories are the ideal complement  to a stainless steel roof.

Ideal for rainwater collection, stainless steel enables the manufacture of guttering and downpipes in welded sections or in a continuous length of up to 20 m (according to the width) thus reducing the number of soldered joints and enhancing system integrity.

Stainless steel in thicknesses of 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm is easy to work even in cold weather and can be easily soldered in situ using tin solders.

Depending on component length, it can be folded in the workshop or on site, using special tooling.

The Uginox Patina K41 / Uginox Patina K44 and Uginox Top surface finishes are traditionally used for roofing accessories