Trapazoidal corrugated profile

Stainless steel advantages: 

> This type of profile adapts to all types of building and is flexible in terms of length and width.

> Ease of replacement in case of deterioration.



Trapezoidal corrugated profiles offer the same advantages as profiled rib cladding. However a wider architectural range is possible due to both the type and form of the profile. Perforated panels are also possible.

Note that folded profiles give greater rigidity to the building envelope.

Length is determined as a function of the tray folder used, generally not exceeding 6 metres.

These claddings can be fixed horizontally or vertically, with a single or a double skin and are installed with interlocking joints (male and female) or clips. These profiles cover a wide range of products that adapt well to industrial, storage, offices, or residential buildings.


Example of Trapazoidal corrugated profile



Fixings must be in stainless steel for reasons of corrosion resistance.
In the case of horizontal fixings, it is advised to use a greater thickness 0.8 mm instead of 0.6 mm for vertical fixing.