Roofing in mountainous regions

Stainless steel advantages: 

> Excellent resistance to thermal shock.

> No embrittlement in very cold weather.

> Excellent mechanical strength, capable of withstanding heavy snow loads.



In this type of region, projects must be designed and executed taking into account the range of surface temperatures, localised or distributed snow loads, the erosion caused by snow and ice movement and the risk of siphoning. Our stainless steels are ideally suited to this type of climate. 

> The standing seam roofing system is particularly well suited for mountain buildings.The stable durability of stainless steel limits the number of transversal seams and weldings needed, which limits the risk of leaks, allowing for the reinforced durability of your building projects.

> The self-supporting roof system with preformed stainless steel tray system is increasingly used because of its practicality, including its ease of handling and installation, as well as for economic reasons with a low cost per m².