Fully Supported Roofs - Standing Seam Roofs

Stainless steel advantages: 

> Ideal for large flat surfaces that require the use of long strips.

> Cost reduction by the use of longer pieces and low weight per m².

> Not fragile and no risk of fracturing at low temperatures.

> Immaculate aesthetics.

> Ideal technique for curved surfaces and complex shapes (domes, cones, etc.).



This traditional technique is distinguished by its linear rhythm; the standing seam gives it a particularly clear finish..

Assembled on site from stainless steel strips, these roofs are suited to both contemporary and traditional architecture.

The stainless steel strips are joined along their length by crimping of the previously raised edges. The bending or closing of the profile is performed in the traditional manner or using specialist tools.

The limited number of transverse seams and welds ensures maximum weathertightness.

Standing seams can be used on warm or cold roofing systems.

For more information, see our page Warm / Cold roof.