Saint-Lawrence Church

Saint-Lawrence Church

“The roof needed to be renewed following a severe single incidence of Lead theft where 50% of the Lead across the east end of the church was stolen in one night. The parish were not insured for such a large amount of metal theft and they decided to be pro-active and remove what was left. The dull grey characteristics of the UGINOX Patina and its ability to be laid on batten rolls at spacing centres that replicated Lead were factors that persuaded the local authorities and English Heritage the change of material was acceptable.“ Andrew Wiles, Wiles and Maguire Ltd.

Uginox Patina offers durability thanks to the robust stainless steel composition that completely fits with the Doncaster environment which is classified as a mildly marine atmosphere. Local weather conditions have enhanced the dull grey patina growth over only a few months. The Tin oxides forming on the stainless steel surface means the material evolves when it is installed on site. Its traditional appearance blends perfectly within heritage sites such as here on St Lawrence Church. 

Uginox Patina was installed using a welted batten roll in order to give a resemblance of the detail of the original roof.

Uginox Patina properties give the roof excellent resistance during bad weather and high wind loading. Moreover its exceptional mechanical features offer a flat aspect with only a 0.5 mm gauge lightweight stainless steel.

Uginox Patina is known as a very sustainable material and the electro-tinned coating is lead-free providing an inert material regards the environment.

Uginox Patina doesn’t leach harmful compounds that could interfere with rainwater.

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Doncaster, United Kingdom
Wiles and Maguire Ltd


Uginox Patina

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