La Jolla

La Jolla

Terne Coated Stainless Steel, Uginox Patina K44 made Aperam, was utilized on a one-of-a-kind of residential project in La Jolla, California designed by Wallace E. Cunningham, Inc. A firm well known for creating unique architecture since 1979.

What made this metal roof system a challenge was not only its design but also the geographical location. The project sits on cliff facing the ocean exposed daily to wind driven silica which is attacking the building materials on a daily basis, causing almost all metals known to the building industry to corrode in a relative short period of time. Uginox Patina K44 terne coated stainless steel was the perfect choice not only for its beautiful natural appearance but also for its superb corrosion resistance in the marine environment. The project is covered by Aperam’s 20 year warranty that requires no maintenance.

Daniel Schmidt, owner of CSI Architectural Metal Inc who provided design-assist and fabricated the system, said another technical challenge was that all the metal roof sections had to follow a radial design. All panels had to be tapered, varying from 2″ to 24″ in width on a length of up to 90′. Stainless steel’s low expansion and contraction allowed CSI Architectural Metal Inc to fabricate the standing seam panels in full lengths. Uginox Patina K44 was also used to clad walls, fascia, garage doors, and the barbeque area. The sheet metal installation was done by master craftsman Vi Tang.

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San Diego - California, United States
Daniel Schmidt


Uginox Patina

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