City Garden Hotel

City Garden Hotel

The Parkhotel in Zug planned to erect a temporary ancillary hotel building on a public site that in 12 to 15 years time will be used as the services area for a road building project.

Despite the limited life-span this hotel was to meet the requirements of a four-star facility and to have an unmistakeable character. The standard layout of bedrooms next to each other is transformed into an expressive building volume by swivelling the module. The idyllic location between the trees on the edge of the woods led to the idea of a reflective facade of polished chrome steel. The facetted building volume mirrors its natural surroundings and transforms the place into a kaleidoscope of building and nature. The short period for which the building will be used called for a time-saving construction method, which led to the use of a combined system (timber frame braced by a concrete core).

The City Garden Hotel stands out because of its attractive design and the modern materials which are in total harmony with the green surroundings on the edge of the forest. A combination of contrasts that works impressively, both inside and out. The three-dimensional facade covered in mirror stainless steel panels (Uginox Meca 8 ND) and the rhythmising corridors lend the City Garden Hotel a unique character.

Uginox Meca 8 ND  has been chosen in order that the façade perfectly hamonises with the neighbouring area and reflects the nature, playing with the seasons changing, the colors of the wetaher, the day change from morning to night.

Uginox  Meca 8 ND is a real mirror, unbreakable,  highly resistant to corrosion, easy to maintain.  Traditionnal techniques for implementation have been used: cutting, bending, etc. without having to take any special precautions.

Inside, we have concentrated on warm materials such as wood but also on rough elements such as concrete. Colours are used subtly but deliberately.

The City Garden Hotel, together with the City Apartments, is an ambitious showcase project and gem that will not just enhance the hotel landscape of Central Switzerland in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality. 

The advantages of stainless steel for this hotel:

> A surface finish reflecting the neighbouring area faciliating the building harmonisation with nature

> Ease of maintenance

> Usual implementation with use of standard tools

> Its resistance to corrosion

Technical Files

Zoug, Switzerland


Uginox Meca 8ND

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