Stainless steel offers creative freedom and architectural design which is rarely matched. Our impressive range of thicknesses and wide range of surface finishes - from the more dull to the colourful to the most brilliant. Stainless steel allows for the creation of complex shapes and pairs well with other materials such as glass, wood, stone, etc.









Stainless steel offers a creative freedom to all architectural concepts, rarely equalled in terms of the different surface finishes available in a wide range of thicknesses.

Our stainless steels allow complex contours and shapes to be achieved as well as enabling a number of combinations with other construction materials such as glass, wood and stone. 

We offer you a large choice of finishes for facade applications:

Uginox Bright, Uginox Mat, Uginox Top, Uginox Sand,  Uginox Rolled-on, Uginox Touch, Uginox Linen, Uginox Squares, Uginox Lozenge, Uginox Leather et Uginox Meca 8 NDSome of these finishes are also available in a pallette of different colours.

In terms of roofing applications, we offer the following finishes Uginox Patina,  Uginox Mat et Uginox Top