Swimming pools

Today, our range of stainless steels covers all requirements relating to swimming pool applications: pools (including pool edge, overflow gutter, partitions…), ladders, diving boards, starting platforms, but also the water distribution system.

The grades employed are principally austenitic (304, 316L). For certain applications in harsher environments, such as the thermal spa, one can employ grades with even higher properties, such as duplex (DX2205, DX2304).


> Stainless steel is a durable material whose appearance does not deteriorate and is simple to maintain.  

> Stainless steel withstands the operating temperature variations for this application.  

> No risk of leaking water unlike a tiled pool.

> The surface properties of stainless steel plates and the assembly style of the different pieces limit the risk of bacterial growth.

> This material provides a very effective alternative to the traditional solution. It is possible that the capital costs may be higher, but operating costs are lower.  Over the facility’s full lifespan, the return on investment is attractive.


The Woluwe-Saint-Pierre swimming baths in Belgium 
have a pool made of grade 316L stainless steel.