Bridges and pedestrian bridges

Stainless steel can be found in all or any part of a bridge or a pedestrian bridge. Its use is common in elements of protection - handrails and banisters - as well as in the wires on suspension bridges, cables and tie rods. It is also recommended for the deck and for anchor elements, including those built in marine and polluted atmospheres. Following atmospheres, the austenitic (304, 316L) or duplex (DX2205, DX2304) grades may be well-suited.


> Corrosion resistant, with a very good mechanical resistance, high yield: the choice of stainless steel is a guarantee of quality in construction of works of art.

> Characteristics meet the strictest technical requirements: long range, lighter structures, and seismic performance.

> Can be used bare, even in very aggressive environments such as seashores or industrial areas.

> Young's modulus on density allows us to balance between lightness and rigidity and thus create fine and sleek works.

> Benefits associated with the use of this material are also often the source of savings which ultimately put the cost into perspective.