Designing and constructing with stainless steel guarantees an excellent overall cost, a positive calculation comparing the final cost with the total project cost thanks to an exceptional lifecycle on buildings with stainless steel due to the little or no maintenance required.

Economical performance


Price stability, especially on ferritic grades, coupled with a transformation cost comparable with other metals traditionally used in roofing and façade applications, gives stainless steel its competitive edge.

Thanks to high mechanical properties, the use of thinner thicknesses is allowed.


Elasticity modul comparison (MPa x 10³)

The commonly used thickness for standing seam roofing is 0.5 mm in stainless steel compared to 0.7 mm with zinc, these thicknesses equate to a Kg/m² weight of 3.9 for stainless and 5 for zinc. This weight advantage makes stainless particularly competitive from a price perspective.