Environment & Recyclability

> Stainless Steel, the green material

Stainless steel is the green material “par excellence” infinitely recyclable. In construction, its recovery rate is close on 100%. It is completely environmentally neutral when in contact with water it does not leach potentially harmful elements which can alter the composition. These strengths make stainless steel the material of choice, perfectly suited to building applications, exposed to the elements, roofing, facades, rainwater goods and sanitary tubes. The longevity of stainless steel meets the life cycle needs in construction. Our advice on material choice, transformation and maintenance give an unprecedented life to your building.

> Stainless Steel 100% recycled 

Today, the material flow for stainless products demonstrates that the recycling of pre- and post-consumer stainless steel scrap is already common practice.
In the production of stainless steel, a scrap blend and other raw materials – chromium, molybdenum, nickel and other elements – are melted together in an electric furnace before going into a converter for refining. The molten stainless steel is then cast into slabs or billets, before the production of plate, sheet, coil, wire or other product forms, in preparation for use by industrial manufacturers. These manufacturers produce the stainless steel items we use every day, including cutlery, pots & pans and kitchen sinks, and inumerable architectural, industrial and other components.