Stainless steel delivers value

Stainless steel offers lifetime performance by virtue of its high corrosion resistance.
Strong mechanical properties mean that relatively thin material cross sections can be used, which in turn reduce the total metal weight delivering cost benefits.
Stainless steel exterior products provide architects design freedom allowing complex forms to be produced. Long coils and sheets provide ease of processing and installation. Additional advantages are low weight per square metre and ease of soldering with high performance levels at low temperatures. These materials encourage creativity and combine well with glass, wood and stone. Stainless steel is a material of choice, used for many years as a sustainable product, infinitely recyclable with a near 100% recovery rate. 
Stainless steel is ideally suited to building applications exposed to adverse weather conditions: roofs, facades, rainwater systems and domestic water pipes.
As a leading worldwide producer, Aperam has developed a stunning range of surface finishes, textures, patterns and even colours. For example, UGINOX Patina, weathers to a soft grey patina, is commonly and regularly specified on new and refurbished buildings.
Stainless Steel present in our lives…all over the world