Stainless steel advantages: 

Stainless steel offers creative freedom and architectural
design which is rarely matched.

Our impressive range of thicknesses and wide range
of surface finishes - from the more dull to the colorful to
the most brilliant.
Stainless steel allows for the creation of complex
shapes and pairs well with other materials such as glass,
wood, stone, etc.

   Nathalie Decoster "Stylites"© Frédéric Guy

> Life cycle of stainless steel especially if the creations are outside

> Surface finish offer - lending itself to creativity

> Ease of maintenance

> Easy to work

Artwork Maria Pergay Emmanuel Régent, Valles Marineris, stainless steel modular installation, 1200 x 150 x 60 cm, 2012.© Emmanuel Régent, courtesy Caroline Smulders / I love my job (Paris)Photo of the solo exhibition "Sortir de son lit en parlant d'une rivière",CAC Château des Adhémar, Montélimar, 2012 © Blaise Adilon