Stainless steel advantages: 

> Good flatness.

> Different forms possible: tailor made solutions.

> Dimensions adapted to technical restraints and fixing details on site.

> Ease of replacement.


Contrary to trapezoidal corrugated profiles, cassettes are folded on all 4 sides. Installed vertically or horizontally, they can be taken down piece by piece during maintenance.

They can be square or rectangular, flat or curved, perforated or stamped and in all cases present a refined finish. They offer the benefit of a tailored fit.

Length doesn't generally exceed 6 metres due to the capacity of the folding tools. Width availability can vary.

Different fixing systems exist:

> Interlocking.

> Fixing.

> Mechanical fittings, visible or non visible.


Example of cassette mounting


To obtain perfect flatness, it is possible to adapt the thickness to the dimensions of the elements or re-enforce them.
Patterns can be obtained by stamping.