Sinusoidal corrugated profile

Stainless steel advantages: 

> Products available in large lengths.

> Competitive square metre price.



Profiling is a continuous forming process, starting from coil to obtain products with a regular section, called a profiled panel.
During the industrial process, the coil is guided by rollers which provide both the shape and the angle.
These profiles can be installed horizontally or vertically, in single or double ply and can even be perforated.
They are often used for large industrial projects as well as for commercial buildings.
These profiles have a utilisable width of 1000 mm and a typical thicknesses of 0.6 and 0.8 mm.
There is no maximum length, beyond that of transport /handling contraints.


Example of sinusoidal corrugated profile



Our product line is suitable for this technique, regardless of the aspect (matt, glossy, coloured, or textured). 
Fixings must be in stainless steel for corrosion resistance reasons.