The Bullring

The Project

Reinvigorating Iconic Bullring

The UK’s most visited shopping centre, Bullring Birmingham, has opened a new dining destination.  A ‘ribbon-like’ roof in stainless steel forms as a sculpture and that floats above the building. The design draws visual focus to the new dedicated dining quarter which operates during the daytime and is taestefully illuminated for eating under the stars during the evening.

Uginox Sand was selected on this new development which sits adjacent to the architecturally pioneering Selfridges.building. Designed by Chapman Taylor, the curved roof links three new restaurants.  Part indoor, part outdoor, with improved pedestrian links the scheme develops the use of the St Martin’s Square.

The Bull ring, with 110,000m2scheme has been cited as the catalyst for Birmingham’s transformation into a world class retail capital, and already has over 160 shops, cafes and restaurants. The new look Spiceal Street will bring a brand new dimension with a buzzing restaurant atmosphere.

Uginox Sand, one from a wide range of surfaces specifically developed for architectural applications, has an immediate and permanent matt appearance so can be used in most environments to suit diverse architectural styles. 

The advantages of stainless steel:

> Permanent and durable finish

> Ease of implementation

> A material suitable for both new build or renovation projects

> Durability and the ability to be easilly cleaned

Technical Data

United Kingdom
Chapman Taylor
Bullring Shopping Centre

Stainless Steel Information

Uginox Sand
0.50 mm
1,2T / 300m²