Lavoisier Building - Faculty of Chemistry

The Project

Located next to the Architectural School of Paris Val-de-Seine, LavoisierBuilding (Faculty of Chemistry) is a prism whose base is partially hollowed out enabling a future relationship to be established between the future area extending out towards the development of the district.

The architects of the X-TU Agency looked to:

> Build the corner of a simple volume whose shape "works" by itself waiting for the second phase.

„> Exploit the differences of a  neighbourhood level, and make them appear as a "natural" slope of the place

„> Use the low levels of the project to achieve continuity with the street and use them as a space intaglio engraved, where the public space gently slides. 

Covering an area of ​​10700 m², the building has been designed in a U shape, allowing the southern  light in. The architects have worked particularly the contrasts and highlights. And it is in  search of contrasts that the stainless steel is the material of choice, particularly in its bright surface finish.

For this project, the stainless steel was used for walkways and the side street facade:

„> On the walkways, the stainless steel makes the materials and lighting reflect, and offers light games.

„> The façade covered with a double-glassed window and cassettes in 304 Uginox Bright finish (Bright Annealed), contrasts with the other facades treated differently. Combining stainless steel and clear or coloured double-glazed windows to echo with the undulating reflections of the Seine nearby. 

Another argument of choice: designing and building with stainless steel ensures positive efficiency between the final cost and the life cycle of the construction.

Technical Data

Agence X-TU A.Legendre,N.Desmazières
Ville de Paris

Stainless Steel Information

Uginox Bright
1.50 mm