Wrap House

The Project

Wrap house  is a large family home designed by Edgley Design in Godalming, Surrey. 

The scheme involved the ‘upcycling’ of a 1960s house which was in a poor state of repair, remodelling the internal arrangement of the house, reinsulating the envelope, extending the house, and re-articulating its strong external forms with reflective stainless steel cladding and contrasting dark zinc fascias. This intervention creates a stronger connection with the beautiful countryside both internally and externally.

Despite the disjointed and dilapidated appearance, the underlying forms of the building were dynamic. Edgley Design carefully re-articulated these forms, and further accentuated them by extruding the roof overhangs to create solar shading. The main forms were wrapped in insulation and clad with Uginox Mat stainless steel by Aperam, designed to create abstracted reflections of the landscape and sky. This material specification forms a colourful, shimmering envelope which constantly changes, reflecting the seasonal and daily changing colours and tones of the environment to create a dynamic façade. The material was also chosen for its durability and recyclability, with a recovery rate close to 100%, in-keeping with the sustainable ethos of the project. Dark matt zinc fascias to the flat roofs contrast with the reflective stainless steel and help to articulate the composition. To the garden elevation, large expanses of glass and a promenading corridor were inserted to internally improve the connection to the landscape.

The stainless steel clad forms were designed to maximise the efficiency of a standard stainless steel coil width and articulated with standing seams. The vertical strips were intentionally installed with ‘oil-canning’ to abstract the colours of the landscape and prevent mirror-like reflections. This design decision was also taken bearing in mind the long-term maintenance of the building ensuring any accidental impact on the cladding would not have an adverse impact on the aesthetic of the building.

Wrap House demonstrates Edgley Design’s concept of ‘upcycling’, offering a prototypical solution to the renewal of similar housing stock in the UK where there is prevalence towards a demolition strategy. By creating a sensitive and thoughtful re-imagination of the existing building, Edgley Design were able to create a dramatic transformation both in the aesthetics and performance of the house, with minimal environmental impact. The result is a unique, functional and energy efficient building, in-tune with its landscape and occupiers.

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Godalming, Surrey
United Kingdom
Edgley Design
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Boss Metals Limited

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